Daysy 1.0 to 2.0 Upgrade consists of:

  • Express post of your Daysy 2.0 with signature on delivery.
  • 35% discount on the purchase price of Daysy 2.0.
  • AUD$324.61 instead of $499.40 plus postage and handling
  • Option of FREE data transfer .
  • No need to send us your 1.0 if your do not want data transferred.

ONLY if you would like your data transferred, please see below instructions:

    1. So we can transfer your data, please post your Daysy 1.0 and syncing cable out to our service office. Ensure your Daysy and syncing cable are well protected in transit to avoid damage.
    2. Please post Daysy 1.0 to:

      NFP(Aust.) Pty Ltd
      PO BOX 214
      Stanhope Gardens
      NSW 2768

    3. Clearly state the sender’s name, phone number, and return address on or within the package.
    4. Please email when your package is on its way along with the tracking number .
    5. We will return your 1.0 along with the new Daysy

    Please Note:

    • If Daysy has suffered any damage or is not in full working order it may not be possible to transfer your measurements to the Daysy 2.0. We will inform you should this occur.
    • This offer is only for existing Australia and New Zealand Daysy customers

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