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Prevent Pregnancy with Daysy

Every woman is only fertile on 6 days per cycle – so why worry about contraception every day?

With Daysy’s simple colour coding system you’re always on the safe side.

If Daysy gives you a green light, then you are not fertile and you can enjoy moments with your partner completely carefree.

When you get a red light you are fertile and have to use a barrier method of contraception such as condoms, a diaphragm or a sponge.

Yellow days indicate cycle fluctuations and Daysy’s learning phase. To avoid an unwanted pregnancy you should handle this like red days, and also use a barrier method – just in case.

With Daysy you enjoy the same security as with many hormonal methods, but do not suffer from the side effects. Furthermore, Daysy does not influence or change your cycle in any way.

Daysy allows you to be the unique and perfect woman that you are!

Warning: Hormones not only change your cycle, but can also affect your libido. So if you suddenly feel an unknown irresistible desire to be intimate with your partner, then this is normal, and the only side effect you may have to keep an eye on when using Daysy.