Daysy is an intelligent fertility tracker that lets you get to know your very own menstrual cycle. Daysy is to be used to facilitate conception and track your cycle. Daysy is not a replacement for contraception.


Daysy knows when you are in your fertile window!

As in so many areas of life, the right timing is important, including the fertilization of the egg. Apart from physiological factors that can prevent pregnancy, the most important thing is whether you and your partner meet the right time and therefore the right moment. Only if you are in your fertile phase, is there a chance of pregnancy. With Daysy and the app “DaysyView”, you can keep track of your cycle and know the best times to plan a pregnancy with your partner!


How Daysy can help you determine your fertile days with ease and reliability for pregnancy planning

Daysy and the app “DaysyView”, which is available for your smartphone, save you the confusion and seemingly endless stress that awaits you in other natural methods of determining your fertile days for pregnancy planning: Instead of constantly thinking about calendar days, temperature and cervical fluid measurements or the status of your hormone level, Daysy fertility tracker only needs a few seconds in the morning. In no time, Daysy determines your daily menstrual cycle status and shows you when you are in your fertile phase. Daysy helps take the complication out of pregnancy planning and lets you focus on the joy.

With Daysy, you can focus on being close to your loved one. You do not have to remember anything, you do not have to count or calculate anything and you do not have to record anything, because Daysy takes care of the calculation work for you! More than 30 years of research and an algorithm that uses data from more than 5 million menstrual cycles, including your own daily input (basal temperature and menstruation days), are the basis for Daysy to determine your fertile window. Daysy is a technically advanced fertility tracker that can bring you closer to your baby – without any head work or stress!

Daysy is a great opportunity for couples when planning a pregnancy

For couples who have been trying for a long time to plan a pregnancy, it can have biological causes but it can also be the timing. Often it is just about timing, because every woman is receptive on only a few days of her cycle, on the day of her ovulation and five days before. If you don’t know when you are in your fertile phase I, it is unfortunately fruitless to plan a pregnancy. In your infertile phase you can not achieve a pregnancy.

To plan a pregnancy, it is essential to know your menstrual cycle well! Daysy helps you to get to know your menstrual cycle and shows you when the chances of pregnancy are highest. If your efforts to become pregnant have not been successful within six to twelve months, consult your physician.

A study has shown that 81 % of couples who are tracking fertility and timing intercourse accordingly conceive within 6 months (1).


Verified success in study

Studies confirm how important it is to know the course of your cycle to improve the chances of pregnancy. One study found the average conception probability per cycle with one or more events of unprotected intercourse in the fertile period for fertile couples is 27.7 %, with which only about every fourth cycle is successful; the conception probability one to two days before ovulation is highest at about 25 %; the cumulative conception probability for fertile couples with targeted intercourse in twelve cycles is about 92 % (1).

In plain English, that means focusing intercourse activities on the 4 days leading to ovulation maximizes your chances of conceiving.

Based on your temperature measurement every morning before getting up and the indication whether you have your menstruation or not, Daysy shows you whether you are fertile/possibly fertile (red) or not (green). The predicted day of ovulation is signalled to you by a flashing light:

By means of this simple colour system, you can see on which days you and your partner should find time to make a baby.


Stay up to date with the app “DaysyView”

The special thing about the “DaysyView” app is that you can not only view the past cycles by days, weeks and months, but you can also preview your future fertile and infertile days on the calendar. Based on the data already collected, DaysyView shows you a forecast of how your cycle will look in the near future. An added feature is the option to track cervical fluid in the App to help define the most fertile days even more.

With the “DaysyView” app, you can also keep track of your activities in the calendar. In addition to showing your menstrual cycle phases, you can input sexual intercourse and other personal notes, so knowledge and timing is not a problem anymore! This way you can spend your home time and holidays comfortably and without stress – because a beautiful hotel room, a beach in Barbados, or a relaxed atmosphere at home, is especially romantic to plan a baby!



Basal body temperature is a good way to observe a pregnancy in the very early stages. If you miss a period and your basal body temperature remains elevated for more than 18 days, you can observe an early pregnancy. You may even be able to observe a second basal body temperature rise due to implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterine wall. Progesterone stays risen and then raises higher with pregnancy. Implantation occurs about 6 to 12 days after you ovulate. That said, Daysy should not be considered the same as a pregnancy test. You will need to take a pregnancy test and seek medical advice from your healthcare provider to confirm a pregnancy.

Daysy will indicate a possible pregnancy with all lights (red, green, and yellow) flashing. Daysy will indicate a higher probability of pregnancy with all lights solidly lit (red, green and yellow). “DaysyView” will show blue and possible pregnancy when it is suspected. Daysy is able to track a possible pregnancy via your basal body temperature and historical data. Daysy is able to pinpoint and track pregnancy via your basal body temperature data and historical data.


Daysy is not a pregnancy test! To confirm a pregnancy, you must take a standard commercial pregnancy test or consult your doctor.

1) C Gnoth et. al. Hum Reprod. 2003 Sep;18(9):1959-66