Ready for a baby?

Maximise your chances of becoming pregnant.

Your personal cycle guardian, Daysy, and her App, daysyView, have teamed up to help you become pregnant faster than ever – all natural, totally sexy, and app-solutely free of hormones and side-effects!

Many couples try for a baby over a long period of time, unfortunately without success. However, this may not always be due to biological causes, but could indeed be a very simple problem of not having had intercourse on the right days.

Every woman can only become pregnant on very few days per cycle: The five days prior and the actual day of her ovulation.
Without knowing about your own cycle, the important days are easily missed.

Daysy helps you keep track of your cycle and shows you when the chances for achieving pregnancy are highest, (so you will never again miss making love on the right days!)

Especially if you have conception difficulties or irregular cycles, it is crucial to know when exactly those few fertile days are. The same applies when your partner’s sperm is somewhat short-lived or a bit slow.

Daysy uses a simple colour system by which to let you know when you are fertile and when you are not.

Daysy’s App, daysyView, further offers you the possibility to view your future fertile and infertile days in a monthly preview. Based on the information gathered through your measurements, daysyView is able to calculate a prognostic forecast of your cycle, allowing you to plan ahead without any stress…

Daysy and daysyView make family planning as easy and comfortable as can be!

The new daysyView app lets you keep track of the days you have sexual intercourse. With the partner app feature, you can let your significant other know when it is time to get down to business.

What could be better than already knowing when to ask for your next annual leave/holidays to comfortably plan that special time away.